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If your son/daughter is going to be absent, please call the Attendance line at 204-1071 or call the main office at 204-1056 or 204-1057.  


Report an absence online.


At Allis we believe, when you’re here you can achieve!

At Frank Allis we strive for each student to maintain an attendance average of 94% or better.  As educators, we know regular school attendance is essential for successful learning.  Students must be present and engaged in order to learn.  Chronic absence, which includes both excused and unexcused absences, causes students to miss critical instructional time.

MMSD Attendance Policy permits a maximum of 10 days absence from school.

After 10 days absent, the school may request medical notes to verify days absent and the parent may be asked to attend a conference with the classroom teacher, principal, and social worker to discuss how the student’s attendance can be improved.

Excused Absences:

  • Illness
  • Family Funeral
  • Appointment (dental, doctor, chiropractor, psychologist, legal, or other medical)
  • Inclement Weather
  • Personal
  • Vacation/Out of Town

If a student is going to be absent for 5 or more days, we ask the parent to request an Excused Absence Form.  The parent completes the form and returns in to the school office for the principal’s approval.

If a student is going to be absent for longer than 5 days, the parent must complete a Prolonged Absence Form.  Depending on the length of the absence, the student may be dropped from enrollment and then re-enrolled upon his/her return.  The parent completes this form and then returns it to the school office for principal’s approval.

Unexcused Absences:

  • Missed the bus
  • Overslept
  • Car Trouble
  • No Transportation
  • Didn’t think there was school

Wide Awake Wildcats!:  Students will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly raffle to win prizes based on the number of days the student was present and on-time to school.  Students that are in school each day of the week and on-time will have their name included in the raffle as well as their name announced in the morning announcements.

Classrooms that maintain an attendance average of 94% or higher will be displayed on our attendance display in the main lobby as well as their class name read on the morning announcements for that week.  Each month, the classroom with the highest attendance average per grade level will receive a trophy to represent their excellent attendance for the month.

Reporting an absence