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Madison Metropolitan School District

Title I Annual Parent Meeting

Welcome and Introductions

  • Principal - Candace Terrell
  • Asst Principal - Lori Lopez

Allis is currently located on Madison’s east side. It serves a vibrant and diverse population. Allis’ school community is committed to creating conditions in which our entire community can thrive. We strive to ensure our school community feels connected to a school environment that encourages individuality, responsibility, celebrates diversity, fosters a desire to learn new skills, talents, and reaches the abilities of each and everyone of our students in order to ensure college, career, and community readiness.

  • Our kindergarten through 3rd grade classes, average 15 students. The SAGE(Student Achievement Grant in Education) grant from the state keeps Kindergarten through 3rd grade class sizes at 15 or fewer. Grades 4-5th average 25.
  • Frank Allis families also have the option of Dual Language Immersion instruction in kindergarten through 4th grade. In the most recent pre-pandemic years Allis has ranked as meeting few expectations.
  • Allis completes all standardized testing to determine the progress of students and practices are adjusted based on outcomes. Allis will continue to utilize these standardized methods to establish the baseline for growth.

How can parents and families be involved?