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Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers and staff throughout the school year.  Please consider these recommended strategies to successfully communicate with staff.

  1. NO CALLS INTO CLASSROOMS DURING INSTRUCTION - MMSD policy prohibits transferring non-emergency phone calls into the classroom during times of instruction.  Please leave a message, and the staff member will return the call when he/she is available.
  2. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT - Most staff members have busy schedules working with students, so please call to find out when staff are available and schedule an appointment.  Especially when hoping to speak with the principal, scheduling an appointment assures us that we will have the time to address your concern.
  3. BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL WORKS BEST! - Most staff are almost always available before or after school.  Try to schedule appointments before 8:30am or after 3:17pm.
  4. HAVE YOU SPOKEN TO THE TEACHER? - The classroom teacher should be the first person notified of a student issue.  If the teacher does not know, he/she cannot address the issue, so please encourage your child to talk to the classroom teacher first.
  5. GIVE ENOUGH NOTICE - As staff are very busy, please be flexible and give enough notice prior to requested meeting dates.  Meetings should be requested 1 week in advance when possible.