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As the principal of Frank Allis Elementary, I have the responsibility to lead our school with love, acceptance, understanding and justice. I hold the responsibility to hold the space where everyone is honored and affirmed. Frank Allis is a Welcoming School and we are proud to openly support our science teacher, Mx. Vica Steel. Vica Steel identifies as transgender. They were interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio on a segment titled, "The Evolution of Student-Teacher Relationships."

Public schools have the responsibility to teach students how to become caring, inclusive, welcoming members of our communities. As a district, we will  stand by our Trans* Guidance, and our superintendent's unwavering commitment to support inclusive schools. We stay true to our commitment to our Welcoming Schools Program, where we believe that teaching about gender diversity is essential to creating gender-inclusive schools free of bias and bullying.

We reject the exclusion of anyone’s known identity, as this is an act of discrimination. We will continue to support and affirm Vica’s identity, and we will adhere to board policy #8012 to ensure discrimination does not exist here at Allis. 

We believe every person should feel connected and respected for who they are and Vica is not excluded from this principle. Vica aka Mx Steel came out as their true self. Their courage has resulted in the strengthening of our community. We are all more beautiful because of Vica Steel’s inclusion in it.

Leading with love, 

Sara Cutler